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Pepsi MidAmerica- Marion, IL
VA Mental Health Building - Marion, IL
Carbondale Flats Mixed Use Apartments (Evolve Apartments) - Carbondale, IL
River to River Memory Care - Marion, IL
Liberty Village- Carbondale, IL
SIU Credit Union- Harrisburg, IL
Farm Credit- Marion, IL
Mach 1- Harrisburg, IL - Herrin, IL - Marion, IL
Christopher Schools- Christopher, IL
IESO, LLC New Cultivation Center - Carbondale, IL
Marion High School Phase 6 Fine Arts Addition - Marion, IL
Southeastern Illinois Electrical Cooperative - Carrier Mills, IL
Prairie Farms New Cooler Addition - Carbondale, IL
City of Carbondale - Willow Street Storage - Carbondale, IL
REA Clinic - Du Quoin, IL
Murphysboro WWTP - Flatwork and Site Concrete - Murphysboro, IL 
Downtown City Sidewalks - Marion, IL
Harrisburg Medical Center - Harrisburg, IL
Harrisburg High School Phase II Building Addition - Harrisburg, IL
IDOT job Cambria, IL
IDOT job- Carrier Mills, IL 
Sonic Herrin 2018
Southern Illinois Waste transfer station 2019
Ferrell Hospital- new addition- Eldorado, IL (2019-2020)
Harrisburg medical center MRI addition 2020
SIAA hanger project- Murphysboro, IL (2021)
Heartland medical office building project- Marion, IL (2021)

Smoothie king Marion 2022
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